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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fabulous fall wedding in style!

Hello!!!!! Im a bad bad bad blogger :( It's been to long!!!!! If you want to see my newest work, updates, contests and more please follow me on Facebook. I just had to blog this beautiful wedding for my gorgeous bride Linsey. Linsey and Travis make such a awesome couple! I was so excited to hear that they were from good ol' Ridgecrest California! I have so many long life friends out there, and my Ridgecrest peeps are always such amazing people. I had such a fun time with them and all the wedding guests :) Here are some of my favorites from Linsey and Travis wedding day.


Venue: Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach

Photos by Face On By Tamara

 photo travisandlinseyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9094doneface.jpg

 photo robesdoneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9147doneface.jpg

 photo gettingdresseddoneface.jpg

 photo hotdoneface.jpg

 photo bridedoneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9132doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9332doneface.jpg

 photo firstlookface.jpg

 photo IMG_9537dface.jpg

 photo marrydoneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9571doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9598dface.jpg

 photo IMG_9630doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9631dface.jpg

 photo IMG_9725doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9720doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9746doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9738doneface.jpg

 photo brideface-1.jpg

 photo groomface.jpg

 photo IMG_9836doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9820doneface.jpg

 photo kisscutefacedone.jpg

 photo IMG_9866doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9895doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9975doneface.jpg

 photo ohhfacedone.jpg

 photo IMG_9940doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0024doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0041doneface.jpg

 photo sunsetkissface.jpg

 photo tableface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0118doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0165face.jpg

 photo IMG_0219face.jpg

 photo IMG_0271doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0450doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0201donefacebw1.jpg

 photo IMG_0470doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0660doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0681doneface.jpg


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello stranger!!!! & a story book wedding ;)

I have neglected this blog for to long!!!!! I have been SO busy doing photo shoots and weddings, its hard to find time to post blogs. Please add FACE ON BY TAMARA on Facebook for updates, teaser photos, special and contests! Im hoping to start posting blogs more often with the help of my assistant :)

Todays blog post is a wedding that took place in a old library. The couple are both writers, so a library wedding couldn't be more perfect! Chip & Katie were wonderful sports when weather didn't allow a outside ceremony, and gave us about 15 minutes for outside portraits…. they didn't let it bother them at all. We moved the ceremony inside, and made the best of the situation… it turned out beautiful!!!!

Makeup & photography by Face On By Tamara


 photo IMG_2268facecopy.jpg

Meet Katie & Chip….

 photo bridegroomface.jpg

 photo IMG_2110dface.jpg

 photo IMG_2086faced.jpg

 photo IMG_2095dface.jpg

 photo brideface.jpg

 photo flowersface.jpg

 photo brideflowersface.jpg

 photo IMG_2305facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2193dface.jpg

 photo IMG_2511dface.jpg

 photo IMG_2542ndfacecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2565facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2608face.jpg

 photo IMG_2710copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2732copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2844copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2774copybamfacenew.jpg

 photo IMG_2856dfacebetterbw.jpg

 photo IMG_2252facecopy.jpg

 photo detail2face.jpg

 photo detail1copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_6144ndface.jpg

 photo IMG_3085copyface.jpg

The End.

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