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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treasure your dress photo shoot ~Earth Angel~

Hello :) I want to thank all my clients, fans and loved ones for your support! I am doing what I love because of you! Thank you. I feel so blessed to do what I love. I have been very busy!!!!!! As many of you know I am a stay at home mother of two young boys, and I run my full time photography & makeup business by myself. I’m hoping to be able to hire some help soon....that’s were you all come in...More jobs mean more money to hire help! lol!!! I have learned that photography is more then just a "fun" job it’s a TON of work!!!!!

With that said lets check out this rad "Treasure your dress" photo shoot I did with one of my past brides, Liz....
Liz wanted a forest scene with some red details....we both put some ideas together and came up with a soft, whimsical and romantic photo shoot. The best part.....she is wearing her beautiful wedding dress!

I offer a photo shoot called "Treasure your dress", it’s a lot like the "trash" your dress shoots you have seen before do not have to "trash" your dress! I prefer you treasure your beautiful dress with some cool photos!

Makeup, photos and retouching by Tamara Wroclawsky
Hair by Liz Carrillo

Thank you for taking the time to view and comment my blogs! It means the world to me and to my wonderful clients!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! These shots of Liz are just amazing. The colors are so vibrant! Wonderful!


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