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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pin Up Event Day One PART TWO

I always love photographing pin up photos! We had so much fun dolling up these ladies and playing! Stay tuned for Day two of pin up photos! Blog coming soon :)

Hair by the amazing Tara Alexander

Photos, makeup and editing by Tamara of Face On By Tamara


 photo before3_zpsde101fb3.jpg

 photo IMG_6537adoneface_zps72b3e4a1.jpg

 photo pinup2013atamface_zpsed134ca8.jpg

 photo IMG_6482doneface_zpsd6b717c6.jpg

 photo IMG_6602copycopyfacenew_zps81b83131.jpg

 photo IMAG1045before_zps95b740f3.jpg

 photo IMG_6655dcopydface_zpsa7ac5bb3.jpg

 photo IMG_6691newface_zpsae605c1f.jpg

 photo IMG_6661newbwface_zps0852b3c6.jpg

 photo IMG_6751copydface_zpsb7d5fb76.jpg

 photo IMG_6784before_zpse9a67679.jpg

 photo IMG_6823copycopyface_zpse3ced63f.jpg

 photo IMG_6899copyaface_zpsd15ce7f8.jpg

 photo IMG_6800dcopybwddoneface_zpscd764f1a.jpg

 photo pinup2013adonetam_zps1495b19a.jpg

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