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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's in the details! Zeke & Cindy Wedding

Amazing couple, Amazing venue, AMAZING TIME! I first meet Cindy at her bridal makeup consult with me, my first impression of the sweet tiny red haired pixie was... She was my kind of bride! Different, artsy and SWEET as pie! We clicked when she told me she loves glitter, makeup, a lot of makeup, drama and art!!! Zeke and Cindy met at cooking school and the rest was history! I hope to stay in touch for years to come, I really loved being a part of your special day! Enjoy some of my favorites from Zeke and Cindy's wedding day :)

Venue: The Hacienda in Santa Ana, CA.

Zeke and Cindy took advantage of the wonderful package I offer with Julie from American Mobile DJ & Entertainment Service! I give a big discount if you also book with Julie! Email me for info :)

Makeup and photos done by Tamara of Face On By Tamara

 photo cakefacenames.jpg

 photo IMG_2577af-1.jpg

 photo IMG_2659bwface.jpg

 photo shoesface.jpg

 photo IMG_2623dddface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_2653bwfaceface.jpg

 photo IMG_2675dface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_2653bwface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_2717ddonedface.jpg

 photo IMG_2823dface.jpg

 photo wow.jpg

 photo IMG_2920-Recoveredface.jpg

 photo IMG_2915dface.jpg

 photo IMG_3018face-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3219dface-1.jpg

 photo 1009543_10151424969021216_1524980127_o.jpg

 photo IMG_3125dfacepsd-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3138dface.jpg

 photo IMG_3092dface.jpg

 photo IMG_3062dcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3146aface.jpg

 photo IMG_3185dface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3714ddface.jpg

 photo IMG_3209dface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3719copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2816copyface.jpg

 photo cakeface.jpg

 photo angel1.jpg

 photo IMG_3409face-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3651face.jpg

 photo IMG_3408face.jpg

 photo IMG_3759dface.jpg

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  1. Tamara - we are definitely going to keep in touch!!! Thank you so much for everything - I am beyond thrilled with the pictures and can't wait to see the rest. You made everything look so beautiful and you captured some truly special moments. Not to mention I absolutely love your artsy, creative side - it's so much fun !!! Thank you for being part of our wonderful day. I'm so glad I met you !!! Love, Cindy <3

  2. WOW!!! So good to see the pics Tamara! Cindy looked fabulous, I knew you two were the perfect match!! Bob enjoyed singing for them too. Great pics, great makeup Tamara!.


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