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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello! I need to give an introduction that is WAY over due to my new Assistant/ Office Manager, Kasey Fletcher. I hired Kasey in the beginning of Summer. Kasey is such a wonderful addition to Face On By Tamara. She jumped right on, eager to help improve my business and take it up a couple notches! I am beyond appreciative of her help. Within the first two weeks she was working she designed and had a new website up and running! She keeps impressing me with her self starting determined work ethic and her amazing organization skills. Some of you may of had the pleasure of speaking with Kasey either by phone or via email. I just want you all to know this was in your best intrust and mine. I'm always thinking of my clients and making you all happy :) I have had my hands very full, thankfully very busy and I needed some help. Please treat her as wonderful as you do me, and know she also feels the same way about making you and me happy! She truly has passion for helping and is an awesome person! Now that Kasey is working with me, Face On By Tamara is starting to grow even more then it already has :) We have so many exciting projects in the works: new photo products, fun packages, more makeup classes and lots more events! Basically, instead of me wearing every hat like I have done for almost 9 years! I get to focus on what I love - being creative, my makeup, my photography and my retouching.... and she helps take care of my office stuff, helps plan my photo shoots,and scheduling and lots more! My only regret is that I didn't find and hire Kasey years ago!.... you better not try and steal her! Find your own Kasey! ;) She's mine!

Kasey I'm so glad we have "clicked" complete me ;) lol..... really though, you the bomb!

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