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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Suzanne & Bill Wedding

Such a great honor to be a part of Suzanne and Bill's wedding day! They are such a cool couple, down to earth, fun and chill! I hope you enjoy some of my fave photos from the day. :)

Makeup and photos by Face On By Tamara

 photo IMG_9123dd.jpg

 photo IMG_9156ddface.jpg

 photo IMG_9103copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9118copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9127copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9223copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9255copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9267copyface.jpg

 photo brideface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_9571copyfirst.jpg

 photo IMG_9601copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9595doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_9631copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9694new.jpg

 photo IMG_9800dface.jpg

 photo IMG_0057dface.jpg

 photo IMG_0036xface.jpg

 photo IMG_0045copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_0042dcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9335copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9284dface.jpg

 photo IMG_9366copycopy.jpg

 photo IMG_9289copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9806dface.jpg

 photo IMG_9817copybwface.jpg

 photo IMG_9834copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9857copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9859copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9884copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9974copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9926copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9985copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9988facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_9407copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9407copycopy.jpg

 photo flower2.jpg

 photo candyface.jpg

 photo IMG_9410copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_0202copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0072face.jpg

 photo IMG_0238copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_0419doneface.jpg

suzanne party slideshow-Medium from Tamara Wroclawsky on Vimeo.

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