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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Butterfly Kisses

A beautiful sunset wedding in a vineyard, sounds heavenly right?! It was! Truly a dream wedding overlooking a vineyard in a garden with butterflies and the sun setting behind the newly weds, beyond perfection! Falkner Winery in Temecula is breathtaking! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos that tells the story of Melissa and Jeff's wedding day!

Shauna Garcia - curious cupcakes Stacey Rayburn- Tessier

DJ - Stevie Humbert

Wedding coordinator/planner - a story book wedding

Dress- Wedding Belles in Gilbert AZ - owner Natalie Lester

Photography by Face On By Tamara

Make sure to watch the party slideshow at the end of the blog! Best dance party EVER!!!!!!

 photo IMG_5498dface.jpg

 photo IMG_4934face.jpg

 photo IMG_4988dface.jpg

 photo IMG_4968dface.jpg

 photo IMG_4960cface.jpg

 photo IMG_4951dface.jpg

 photo IMG_4988dface2.jpg

 photo IMG_5002dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5186copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5183dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5171copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5017bwface.jpg

 photo IMG_5103face.jpg

 photo ceremonydface.jpg

 photo IMG_5192wgwregfacecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5192ddfacepsd.jpg

 photo IMG_5236face.jpg

 photo girlface.jpg

 photo IMG_5309dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5403dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5410dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5403dfaceD.jpg

 photo IMG_4584copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5442dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5451dface.jpg

 photo IMG_4622dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5456dcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5469dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5485dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5504dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5499face.jpg

 photo IMG_5578dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5629copydface.jpg

 photo IMG_5538dffface.jpg

 photo IMG_5554donefACE.jpg

 photo IMG_5645copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5687copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5698copydfacecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5660copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5665copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5916copyf.jpg

 photo IMG_5874dface.jpg

 photo IMG_5948copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_5922copycopycopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5964face.jpg

 photo tableface.jpg

 photo IMG_6093face.jpg

 photo IMG_6117Dface.jpg

 photo DADDface.jpg

 photo mrmrsf.jpg

 photo IMG_6169Dface.jpg

 photo IMG_6031cakeface.jpg

 photo IMG_6163copyfACE.jpg

 photo IMG_7105Dface.jpg

 photo IMG_7127bwddface.jpg


pogan sildeshow-Large from Tamara Wroclawsky on Vimeo.

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