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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dolly & Co.

Such an honor to photograph James & Dolly on their special day in Sunny San Diego, Ca. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from the day!

Photography & Makeup by Face On By Tamara

Hair by Jamie Dana

 photo IMG_2111bwdFACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2161dface.jpg

 photo IMG_2179dface.jpg

 photo IMG_2248dFACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2424FACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2452bwcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2170doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_2324dFACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2281copyFACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2392dfacecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2457FACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2594copyFACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2603FACE.jpg

 photo IMG_2637facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2657face.jpg

 photo IMG_2677facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2722facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2736facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2755facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_2773face.jpg

 photo IMG_2788face.jpg

 photo IMG_2846copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2848face.jpg

 photo IMG_2912copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2917face.jpg

 photo churchlightface.jpg

 photo IMG_3036dfacecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3064dface.jpg

 photo IMG_3091facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3304facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_32896dface.jpg

 photo IMG_3266copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3311dcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3434copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3441copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3403face.jpg

 photo IMG_3509copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3497copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3548copycopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3518wface.jpg

 photo IMG_3598facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3551copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3615facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3648facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3618copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_3825faceworkingoncopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4593facecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4630facedcopy.jpg


dolly slideshow-Large from Tamara Wroclawsky on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome photography, Tamara!! Congratulations Dolly and James. All the happiness in the world to you both. :)


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