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Friday, December 5, 2014

Trees, leaves and kids oh my!

Hard to narrow down favorites, so I didn't and posted all my favorites! :) What a magical wedding this was. I hope you feel the magic when you look at the photos, so much warmth and love!One of my favorite venues I have ever worked at! STUNNING!!!

Enjoy, may take time to load all the photos! There is a TON!

Venue: Wrightwood Guest Ranch

Photography & Makeup by Face On By Tamara

Hair by Dionne Herbubin

 photo joshandkathie.jpg

 photo IMG_0740doneNEW.jpg

 photo dressface-1.jpg

 photo shoesface-1.jpg

 photo kidsface.jpg

 photo dressedface.jpg

 photo IMG_0937doneface.jpg

 photo brideface-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0770copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1014face.jpg

 photo IMG_1054doneface.jpg

 photo brideflowerface.jpg

 photo IMG_1058dface.jpg

 photo IMG_0864doneface.jpg

 photo loveface.jpg

 photo IMG_1135doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1257doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1258doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1279doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1219doneface.jpg

 photo wedface.jpg

 photo IMG_1369doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1463doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1524dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1482dbetterface.jpg

 photo IMG_1441dddcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1407dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1629dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1655dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1601dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1667donebwface.jpg

 photo IMG_1679donebwface.jpg

 photo IMG_1687dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1673dcopyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1724doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1733doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1739done.jpg

 photo IMG_1771dface.jpg

 photo IMG_1768doneface.jpg

 photo cuteface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1845doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1781copydoneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1885doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_1816copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1811doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_0847copyface.jpg

 photo tableflowersface.jpg

 photo IMG_0786copyface.jpg

 photo cakeface-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1918copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1944copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_1961copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2002copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2027copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2041copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2043copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2051copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2054copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2067copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2070copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2060copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2106copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2115copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2025copyface.jpg

 photo IMG_2090doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_2097doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_2247face.jpg

 photo IMG_2323doneface.jpg

 photo IMG_2382face.jpg

The End


  1. Amazing wedding and location. Well captured photos.

  2. It’s looking fantastic. I have a desire to get married at such a romantic location. Finding a similar event space NYC desperately. The photographer did a tremendous job and really loved his work. I would book someone of similar caliber for my wedding photography.


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